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Welcome to Botle Buhle! We offer exclusive, high-quality products at affordable prices. View our select range of kitchenware, cookware, dinnerware and drinkware which you can order through one of our consultants. We also provide exciting opportunities that could change your life - find out more about joining our community of consultants and earning extra income.
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About Botle Buhle, Botle Buhle is a proudly South African direct selling business established in 1998. We are passionate about sharing opportunities and as result we have a sales force of over 10 000 consultants. We find the best products from all over the world so that our consultants can offer a wide range of exclusive, high-quality and affordable products to our customers. With our help, our Botle Buhle consultants are able to grow their own businesses and earn a salary for themselves.
Join Botle Buhle, We currently have more than 10 000 consultants who earn an income selling Botle Buhle products. You can join us too - here's your chance to turn your hard work and passion into money. No matter what your background, qualifications, experience, race, religion or culture, you can earn through Botle Buhle. We will provide you with all the support and tools you need to get out there and start selling. Anyone who puts in the time and effort can make money with Botle Buhle.
Botle Buhle Consultants, Welcome to our Consultants Incentives page for 2013. To find out more how you can qualify for the great Cash and Travel Incentives exclusive to our team of Consultants only, read on.